Our Patented Technology

Sustainable, eco-friendly systems that save you time and money.

Hydroponic Vegetated Mats

Spend less green to go green.

Our growing method saves you time and money. Made from 100% recycled and organic materials, our hydroponic vegetated mats are the most environmentally sustainable product on the market.

  • 30-40% more harvests per year than conventional growing.
  • 70% less water.
  • 50% less fertilizer.
  • Lighter weight.
  • More eco-friendly.

Substrate Blocks

Green roofs have never been this simple to install.

Our substrate blocks combine a drainage layer, five sides of water retention layers, and growing medium dried into a block. Water has been removed, making the blocks extremely lightweight. Once installed, water from irrigation and/or rainfall saturates the blocks, creating lush, soft soil for growing.

  • More water retention layers for increased rainwater collection.
  • Lightweight for easy installation.
  • Stackable for easy shipping and storage.
  • Interlocking blocks increase stability of the green roof system.